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Why go to an automated parking system?
This will reduce the time in line for both entry and exit. Automated systems are becoming the industry standard in downtown Louisville. The existing equipment in the parking garage is antiquated and many pieces are beyond repair. Additionally, it will reduce operating costs.

What is the cost of daily parking for a Y member or a guest?

Y Member

0-3 hrs: $1
3-4 hrs: $5
4-5 hrs: $8
5-24 hrs: $10
Lost ticket: $10
Monthly rooftop: $70


0-1 hrs: $2
1-2 hrs: $4
2-3 hrs: $6
4-5 hrs: $10
5-24 hrs: $12
Lost ticket: $12
Monthly rooftop: $90

What happens if there is a gate malfunction?
The gate has an intercom system available 24 hour, seven days a week from which the gate can be opened remotely.

What happens if a person is unsure how to use system?
The new system will operate like other automated garages downtown and will have detailed instructions. If you are unsure, simply touch the intercom button and a system administrator will walk you through it.

What happens during a power outage or other malfunction for a period of time?
The 24-7 remote monitor will be alerted and the gates will be raised until the problem is resolved.

What happens if you have a lost ticket?
If a ticket is lost, you pay the maximum rate of $10 (Y member) or $12 (guests) for 24 hours.

How do you pay for daily parking?
Parkers may pay with cash or credit card at the exit (at the guest rate) or at the kiosk in the Y lobby just prior to exiting. In order to receive the member rate, members must pay at the kiosk in the Y lobby where membership card will be scanned to verify active membership. Remember to bring your parking ticket in with you to the Y.

Will there be monthly parking cards for Y members and how much are they?
Yes. $20 monthly cards will be available for YMCA members which will provide up to 90 hours per month and immediate access through all gates.

Will there be free parking on weekends?
Yes for Y members. Guests will now have to pay on weekends.

Will there be free parking on weekdays before 7 am and after 7 pm?
No. Weekday parking will now be monitored 24 hours.

Is there VIP functionality?
Yes. Special one-time complimentary parking will be easily handled by YMCA or JCPS staff, as they do now. A bar code sticker will be added to the parking ticket to allow free exit.

Will monthly parkers still have access to the back (alley) exit gate?
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