Children swimming at YMCA Louisville swimming pool

Safety Around Water Winter Mini Sessions (1/2–1/5)

Drowning can happen nearly anywhere with standing water. By equipping kids with the tools they need to be safe and confident in and around water, they’ll reap the health benefits of exercise, bond with family and friends and take pride in their new skills safely.

The Safety Around Water program is designed to provide access to pools and basic swimming skills and water safety for children who do not have access to swim lessons. Join us for a 4 day Safety Around Water Mini Session. Over the course of 4 days, from January 2 to January 5, we will navigate water safety skills as well as completing our Safety Around Water curriculum. Come splash, swim, and have fun!

1:00-1:45 Ages 5-6
2:00-2:45 Ages 7-9 
3:00-3:45 Ages 10-12

Location: Republic Bank Foundation YMCA
Date: January 2–5
Time: 1–3:45pm
Rate: Free to all facility and program members