Q. What is Youth Engagement in Sports (YES)?
A. The Youth Engagement in Sports (YES) is a federal research grant designed to learn how to increase participation in sports, increase physical activity and improve nutrition among middle school youth living in geographic areas identified by the government as opportunity zones where access to physical fitness and recreation facilities may be limited. The grant’s focus is on the national decline in youth participation in sports, especially among low income and minority youth, particularly girls.

Q. Why is the YMCA involved in the YES initiative?
A. National trends in lower sports participation and physical activity are alarming. The YMCA has a long history of encouraging healthy activity, including sports participation. YES represents an extraordinary opportunity to positively impact the health trajectory of several hundred youth in our community. The YMCA of Greater Louisville is proud to be one of only 18 recipients of the grant provided by the United States Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Women’s Health and Office of Minority Health.

Q. Who can participate?
A. 5th through 8th graders living in areas of west Louisville defined by the federal research grant. Those areas are defined by the Ohio River to the North, I-264 to the West, Algonquin Parkway to the South, and 9th Street to the East.

Q. How many kids can participate?
A. The initiative will engage up to 500 youth. Complete details will be explained at a program enrollment session.

Q. Do I have to live in West Louisville? Does it matter what school I go to?
A. All participants must live in the areas of west Louisville defined by the grant (see "Who can participate" above for details), regardless of the school they attend.

Q. How was the geographic area of eligibility determined?
A. The federal government required that funded programs target federally identified opportunity zones where access to physical fitness and recreation facilities may be limited. These boundaries ensured this requirement was met and were in close proximity to the program site to ensure ease of access by foot, bike and public transit.

Q. What does it cost to participate in the YES Initiative?
A. It does not cost families anything to participate in the YES program.

Q. Will I get a membership to the YMCA?
A. Yes, all participants will receive a single youth membership, funded by the grant, to the Republic Bank Foundation YMCA and Chestnut Street Family YMCA. Attendance at an enrollment session and continued participation in the program is required to keep the membership.

Q. What is my family wants to join the YMCA too?
A. Your family is welcome to join the Y. Upgrades:
  • YES Youth Republic Bank Foundation and Chestnut Street Family YMCAs: Free
  • YES Youth Community Wide: $5 per month
  • YES Family Republic Bank Foundation and Chestnut Street Family YMCAs: $25 per month
  • YES Family Community Wide: $40 per month

Q. Can I add more than 2 adults on our YES family membership?
A. Yes. Additional adults living in the same household can be added at a cost of $20 per month per person.

Q. What if my family already has a Y membership?
A. The membership type will be changed to a YES membership under the Republic Bank Foundation YMCA.

Q. Where can I sign up for my membership?
A. Membership sign ups are now open. You may enroll over the phone, at the Open House or at the Republic Bank Foundation YMCA. Memberships will end when youth are no longer participating in the YES program.

Q. Can I get financial assistance on any upgrade fees?
A. No. Upgrade fees are flat fees and are not eligible for financial assistance.
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