YMCA of Greater Louisville

Oldham County Family YMCA

20 Quality Place, (off Highway 146), Buckner, KY 40010, 502 222 9358
  • Monday — Friday 5 AM - 9 PM
  • Saturday — Sunday 7 AM - 5 PM


Membership rates include all the benefits of facility membership, plus Calypso Cove when added to the membership.


Community-wide membership rates include unlimited access to all 11 Ys in Kentuckiana, hundreds of group exercise and aqua fitness classes each week, free child care while you work out, the support of friendly, caring Y staff and fellow Y members, and much more!

Click a Y membership type below and join online today!
Member Type
Monthly Draft
Join Fee
One-Time Pool Fee
Family with Calypso Cove Family Water Park $95 $80 $250
Family without Calypso Cove $95 $80 N/A
Family of Two with Calypso Cove Family Water Park $84 $80 $175
Family of Two without Calypso Cove $84 $80 N/A
Adult (ages 26-64 years) $57 $55 N/A
Senior (ages 65 years and over) $52 $55 N/A
Youth with Calypso Cove Water Park (ages 10-17) $41 $30 $175
Youth without Calypso Cove (ages 10-17 years) $41 $30 N/A
Young Adult (ages 18-25) $41 $30 N/A
- Family Membership: Up to 2 adults and dependent children living in the same household. Additional adults: $20/month
- Family of 2: People living in the same household
- One-Time Join Fee and Pool Fee: The join fee and pool fee are one-time fees as long as your membership remains active. Should your membership lapse, you will be subject to these fees again.

The Y is for everyone. We offer affordable membership and program rates, including reduced rates for Calypso Cove, based on household income. Please visit us at the branch or give us a call at 502.222.9358 to learn more about our income-based rates.


  • Monthly draft on the 1st or the 15th
  • Draft from your checking account or credit card
  • Annual payment in full


Check out all the fun we have at Calypso Cove! The pool fee is only paid once, unless you cancel or downgrade from a community-wide family membership. A community-wide membership is required to use the water park.
Our Mission: To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.