The Y makes accessible the support and opportunities to empower teens to learn, grow and thrive. Y-NOW works exclusively with youth and teens that have an incarcerated parent. These children and teens are at a higher risk of anxiety, depression, aggression, truancy, substance abuse, attention disorders and poor academic performance, because most of the time their grief goes unnoticed.

We want to change that.

Our 4-day camp helps kids and teens take a look at their own lives, their experiences, choices and behaviors, so that they can identify what is getting in the way of their successes and reaching their full potential. After the retreat, each child or teen is paired with a trained mentor. We have structured group meetings two times a month, along with fun activities such as fundraisers, trips, community service projects, an overnight lock-in and our graduation celebration.

Y-NOW is offered through our Safe Place Services; learn how you can get involved in this life-changing program.
Our Mission: To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.