Each team will practice for one hour on one night each week. The sports director will work with you to make sure that each coach has a practice on a night and time that is convenient. There will also be a one-hour game each Saturday. Game times may fluctuate from week to week but a schedule will be distributed prior to the start of the season. You are expected to attend each practice and each game if at all possible. You will need to arrive early and have prepared skills and drills for each practice.

You may volunteer to coach by contacting the sports director or by indicating your interest on the registration form. You will then be contacted by a member of the sports staff to discuss your interest in head coaching or assisting. The sports staff will contact you prior to or just after the end of registration. You will then be able to determine a night and time that you can practice that will be convenient with your schedule.

What if I can't be at a practice or game?
If you cannot attend a practice or a game, please contact your sports director ahead of time to let him/her know of your absence. Also, you must attempt to find a parent that is willing to step in for you for that particular day. The YMCA keeps a record of all coaches, assistant coaches, and fill-in parents. Please pass on to the director the name of the parent that is filling in for you.

Who cancels practices and games?
A decision to cancel practices and games due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances will be made by the YMCA. If you need to cancel your practice, you must contact the sports director and your team prior to the day your practice is scheduled. If at all possible, please hold your practice with a substitute instead of canceling.

If you have a schedule conflict and would like to switch your practice for one week, you need to contact the sports director to arrange a switch for that week. If you need to reschedule your practice day/time prior to the end of registration, the sports director may be able to accommodate you. Practice times cannot be changed after the end of registration because teams are already being built and players placed on teams in accordance with their requests.

What equipment is provided?
It depends on the sport and branch.

What are the rules?
It depends on the sport and branch.

Can I request players?
Yes. All participants are allowed to request a teammate or coach. Coaches may request players as well. We cannot guarantee that all requests will be granted.

When do I get my team rosters?
You will receive your team roster at the preseason coaches meeting or prior to the first week of practice via email. You are expected to call/email all of your players by a set date and inform them of your practice night/time and when the season starts.

Why do I have to complete a background check annually if I coach year after year?
Because the YMCA of Greater Louisville strives to provide a safe environment for children and youth, the YMCA performs mandatory annual background checks on all volunteer coaches.


For more specific information, please contact your branch's Youth Sports Director.

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