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Mind and Body Classes

Find your center in our mind-body classes. From yoga to barre and Pilates, we offer mind-focusing exercises for people of all fitness comfort levels that will boost your energy to help you tackle everything in your life.

Mind and Body Classes

Mind and body class offerings vary by YMCA branch. Please contact the branch to or see our schedules page for detailed scheduling.

Starting Price

Group fitness is free for YMCA facility members.

Age Range

18 and up

Older man stretching at mind and body class at YMCA Louisville

Financial Assistance

The Y is for everyone. If you're looking for financial help, we offer affordable membership and program rates based on household income. Learn more about our financial assistance program. Please stop by the branch or give us a call to discuss whether you are eligible for assistance.

Mind Body Classes

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  • Mind and Body Classes at the Y

    We offer mind-focusing exercises for people of all fitness comfort levels that will boost your energy to help you tackle everything in your life. Check out Yoga in action, and see a larger sampling of mind and body classes below.

At a Glance

This is a sampling of mind and body classes offered at the Y, but please note that class offerings vary by location.

  • Barre:

    A ballet barre and an array of props come together to create a total body workout that will sculpt, tone and get your body pumping. Dance experience is not necessary.

  • Gentle Yoga:

    A class designed for the entry-level yoga participant, or someone recovering from illness or injury. Slower movements with an emphasis on proper technique and form.

  • Pilates:

    This challenging mat class improves flexibility, builds strength and develops control and endurance in the entire body with emphasis on proper alignment, breathing, developing a strong core and improving coordination and balance.

  • PIYO:

    Blends Pilates and yoga for the ultimate strength and stretch class.

  • Power Yoga:

    An energized and vigorous yoga practice that focuses on building strength while also improving flexibility, endurance and mental focus.

  • Stretch:

    This class is great for everyone! It promotes health, improves circulation and relieves stress.

  • Yoga:

    A 5,000-year-old practice known to build strength, flexibility and balance along with concentration, relaxation and creativity. The spirit, mind and body workout you've been searching for!

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