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Y Love Notes

Love Notes is an evidence-based program that supports teens and young adults in developing skills and confidence to engage in respectful, equitable, and healthy relationships.

Y Love Notes

Y Love Notes

Love Notes is a national, evidence based, relationship based, youth and young adult curriculum that addresses healthy romantic relationship skills, communication skills, pregnancy, risky sexual behavior, consent, dating violence, sexual coercion, and many other topics. Additionally, Love Notes is both trauma-informed and LGBTQ+ inclusive; it focuses on a young person’s aspiration, thereby building assets and strengthening protective factors which have been linked to positive outcomes.

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Program Details

Love Notes is 13 lessons, covering various topics centering around healthy relationships. All lessons contain a mixture of information presented by facilitators, videos, and engaging activities that help youth explore their own views on love and relationships. 

Knowing Myself – Lessons 1-3
These lessons ask youth to look inward at what they bring into the relationship – their personality style, their baggage (both positive and negative), and their expectations. Youth are also asked to create relationship goals, often we focus on career goals with youth so this is a natural complement to that.

Relationships and Love – Lessons 4-6
In these lessons we look at attraction, falling in love, and what makes a healthy relationship. Youth are also introduced to the love chemicals and the science behind falling in love.

Avoiding Danger – Lessons 7-10
These lessons examine the risks involved in romantic relationships. This includes topics surrounding intimate partner violence, STDs and HIV, consent, and pregnancy. Also included in these lessons are tips on breaking up. 

Communication Skills – Lesson 11-12
Healthy communication is paramount to a healthy relationship and so these two lessons focus solely on those skills. Youth are introduced to the speaker listener technique (for disagreements and arguments) and the WWA technique (how to complain so that others will hear you). 

Through the Eyes of a Child – Lesson 13
This lesson is the final lesson in Love Notes, and asks youth to examine what a child needs from their parents/family to thrive. This lesson builds empathy, and emphasizes the importance of the success sequence (graduation/career and committed relationship before having a child).

Teen Vibe Camps

Teen Vibe Camps

During school breaks, the Love Notes program offers Teen Vibe Camps. We partner with the Best Buy Teen Tech Center for a full-day program that allows youth to be creative around the themes they are learning.

This camp is open to teens and young adults ages 14-18. There is no cost, and you do not have to be a YMCA member to participate.

Upcoming Camp Dates

  • June 19-23, 2023
  • July 10-14, 2023

Camps take place from 9 am-5 pm. Lunch will be provided each day.

Register for Love Notes Teen Vibe Camps

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Key Principles

Love Notes, designed for teens and young adults ages 14-24, is a developmentally appropriate and engaging program facilitated by adults. Throughout the program, youth interact with each other in ways that encourage them to examine and reflect on who they are, how they are in relationships, what they want out of relationships, how to set meaningful expectations, communicate clearly, and hold and respect boundaries.

Key Principles

Key Principles

Key Principles

Know Yourself: Adolescents will identify their own personality style and explore how best to interact with others.

Seek a Good Match: Adolescents learn how to identify well-suited partners based on their personality and values.

Decide, Don’t Slide: Adolescents will set a vision for the kind of relationship they want to be in so they do not slide into settling for less.

Set Clear Expectations: Adolescents will learn to set and express expectations for their relationships and partners.

Expect Respect: Adolescents identify red flags in relationships and draw a line of respect for themselves in relationships, both of which can be early warning signs to dating violence.

Dimensions of Intimacy: Adolescents are introduced to the six dimensions of intimacy, and explore ways to connect deeply (verbal, emotional, social, spiritual, commitment, and physical).

Don’t Change: Adolescents will learn not to try to change the person they’re in a relationship with. Nor should they change themselves to gain someone’s love or friendship.

Communicate Well: Adolescents will learn several communication skills, including how to argue and complain so that they are heard.

Choice and Consent: Adolescents are empowered to know that no matter what they have done in the past, they can change how they pace and plan their relationship.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was the Y Love Notes program created?

Why was the Y Love Notes program created?

The YMCA of Greater Louisville has received a grant from the DHHS Office of Population Affairs to do Teen Pregnancy Prevention. This is a fantastic opportunity to deliver a curriculum (Love Notes), which has been in this community for several years and validated as evidence based by University of Louisville. Though we cover all of the bases, this is not your typical sex ed. Rather, this fun and engaging program helps youth build better relationships and is a natural extension of our YMCA commitment to Youth Development, Healthy Living, Social Responsibility, and Character Development.

Are there additional benefits of completing the program?

Are there additional benefits of completing the program?

To help youth continue to make healthy choices, the grant allows teens that complete the Y Love Notes 16-hour program to receive a free annual Youth Membership or their entire family can enjoy the Y at a 50 percent discount.

Who can participate in the Love Notes program?

Who can participate in the Love Notes program?

Love Notes is being offered to both members and non-members between the ages of 14-24. Love Notes sessions may target a specific age range, refer to the registration page for additional guidance.

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