YMCA Schedules

We're all juggling a lot in the world these days. We understand that our members are pressed for time, which is why we offer programming and classes throughout the day and strive to make our most popular activities available when you need them.

YMCA Schedules
Adults and instructor flexing at group dance class at YMCA Louisville

Class Schedules

See what classes and other programs you can participate in (whether with a reservation or not) to improve your fitness, meet friends and feel great.

YMCA Louisville Norton Commons branch entrance

Make a Reservation

The Y's reservation system is available for members' convenience so you know you will have a spot booked if you wish.

Smart Start fitness program attendees at YMCA Louisville

How Active is the Y?

If you're curious about how active a particular is at the moment, below you can see percentages showing the current amount of people checked in relative to the facility capacity. We always want you to feel comfortable and safe at the Y!

Holiday Hours and Schedules

Many of our membership branches have modified facility hours and class offerings on holidays. Branch amenities such as Kids' Club and pools may also have modified hours.

View holiday facility hours

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