Q. How do I enroll into the multi-session draft?
A. You can stop by the Membership Services Desk or call your branch.

Q. Am I locked into any contracts if I set up a monthly draft for personal training?
A. No, we don’t require you to sign a contract. We offer month to month personal training, with an option to draft your account on the 1st of each month. You will have monthly drafts until you decide to discontinue, which will require a 5 day advance notification before your draft date to avoid future drafts.

Q. Can I change my draft option if I decide to increase/decrease the amount of sessions per month?
A. Yes, you may change your draft for the following month to reflect the amount of training sessions you wish to purchase. A 5 day advance notification shall be given in order to ensure draft is adjusted before your draft date.

Q. What if I want to use additional sessions at any given month?  Example: You sign up for 4 sessions per month, but you need 6 for the month. 
A. You will simply purchase additional individual sessions separately, and you will be given the same rate per session as the draft choice you’ve registered.

You are not able to use a future month’s sessions to add-on to a current month. Future sessions are not available until that month occurs.

Q. How long is each training session?
A. We offer a 60 minute and 30 minute training option.

Q. Is there a reduced rate for 30 minute sessions?
Half hour sessions are a lower cost than a full hour of training; however, hour long sessions are a lower cost than (2) 30 minute sessions. See rates for details.

Q. Is there an option for 2 people to work with a single trainer at the same time?
A. Yes, we offer partner training, which allows 2 clients to work with a trainer during the same session. The cost is reduced per person, but fee is paid altogether from 1 source of payment. The payment cannot be broken up between both clients. In this case, 1 person would pay for the session, and the other person could pay their training partner directly for their portion.

Q. What happens if I don’t use all the training sessions that I paid for with my draft?
A. Clients will be able to carry over a maximum of 2 sessions into the following month if they are not used.  No month shall have more than 2 sessions in addition to the amount of sessions paid for in their draft.
Example: Paid for 4 session in January, but used 2. 2 can be carried into February, which means February would have 6 total sessions (4 paid + 2 carry over). In February, if 2 sessions are used again, still only 2 sessions can be carried over to March, so March would still only have 6 sessions (4 paid + 2 carry over).

Q. Can I buy individual sessions without being on a draft?
A. Yes, individual sessions are available for ala cart purchasing, but have a slightly higher fee per session.

Q. Is there a lower rate per session if I purchase multiple individual sessions?
A. No, individual session are the same rate regardless of quantity purchased. To get a reduced rate, bank draft options are available for multiple sessions per month.

Q. What is the cancellation policy for sessions?
Clients shall directly notify their trainer in writing (email/text) with a minimum of 24 hours notice of their scheduled session for any cancellations. Under 24 hours notice (or no-shows) will result in a used session.
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