What to Expect at Camp

Whether you're a veteran camp parent or new to our program, your child's safety and your peace of mind are our top priorities. You can find important parent information below on this page.

What to Expect at Camp

Health and Safety

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  • Health and Safety at Camp Piomingo

    At Camp Piomingo, we want to make sure that our campers are physically, mentally, and emotionally safe here through staff training, safety practices, and updated certifications.

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For Parents

We need camp more now than ever. And at the YMCA, we're committed to partnering with parents to help all campers grow in spirit, mind and body.

As always, we will communicate with transparency and encourage you to reach out with suggestions, concerns or questions.

Whether you’re a camp veteran or this is your first time, we can help answer any questions you may have.

Parent Information Packet

This parent information packet contains all the essential information you need to know about YMCA Camp Piomingo in a document that you can download and save for quick reference. Most of the information in the packet can be found in other places on the site.

Packing List

The packing list is a suggested list of the bare minimum a child will need. We recommend that you pack your camper’s belongings in a large Rubbermaid-type tote box. This makes it easy for campers to keep their things together. And it's easy for parents to clean when they come home!

Clearly mark items with the camper’s name.

Frequently Asked Questions

View answers to frequently asked questions about all stages of camp, from registration and preparation to check-in and what to expect during camp.

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Contact Your Camper

We encourage both campers and parents to write! Many parents drop off camper mail labeled for each day of the week on Sunday during check-in rather than mailing ahead of time, which is a great method. Mail call is every day after lunch or dinner. Please label each piece of mail with:

  • Camper’s name
  • Camper’s cabin
  • Week attending
  • Day you would like it delivered

You can also mail letters and packages. For delivery by mail, address the envelope or package as follows:

Your Camper’s Name

Week #, Cabin #

YMCA Camp Piomingo

1950 Otter Creek Park Road

Brandenburg, KY 40108

If you wish to email your camper, please complete the one-way Contact Camper email form below. Emails that arrive before 5 pm will be printed and handed to your camper. Campers will not, however, be able email you back.