If you're insured by Humana and are a Humana Go365 member, you can now earn Go365 points every time you work out at the Y!

Work out on a regular basis at the Y and watch your Go365 points pile up! Go365 points may lower the amount you pay for your health insurance and increase the value of Go365 you spend in the Humana Go365 Mall.

We use beacon check in at our YMCA locations. You will connect to the beacon via bluetooth and the Go365 app on your mobile devices and from there, each time you check in, as long as have bluetooth turned on, your visit data is sent straight to Humana. If you forget your phone, you can call Humana's customer service (phone number is on the back of your Humana card) and ask for your visit to be manually entered.

Download the Humana Go365 Mobile App.

Please contact a YMCA staff member if you need your YMCA member ID number.


If you need help or for more information, sign in to the Humana Go365 website or call the number on the back of your Humana member ID card.

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