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Southeast Family YMCA - Programs

Southeast Family YMCA - Programs

Southeast YMCA

Every day, something's happening at the Y. We bring kids, adults and families closer together, encourage good health and foster connections through fitness, sports, fun and shared interests. Our members enjoy group exercise classes, year-round swimming and encouragement from our Healthy Living Coaches: we have the support, guidance and resources to help you learn new things and make new friends at any stage in your life. Join us at the Southeast Family YMCA today!

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Southeast Family YMCA


5930 Six Mile Lane
Louisville, KY 40218
United States

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Branch Hours

5 am - 9 pm
Mon - Thu: 5 am - 9 pm
Fri: 5 am - 8 pm
Sat: 7 am - 4 pm
Sun: 10 am - 4 pm
9 am - 12 pm; 4:30 pm - 8 pm
Kids' Club Hours
Mon - Thu: 9 am - 12 pm; 4:30 pm - 8 pm
Fri: 9 am - 12 pm; 5 pm - 7 pm
Sat: 9 am - 1:30 pm
Sun: 11 am - 2 pm
5 am-8 am, 10 am-5 pm, 7 pm-8:30 pm
Lap Swim Hours
Mon: 5 am-9 am, 12 pm-6 pm, 7 pm-8:30 pm
Tue: 5 am-8 am, 10 am-5 pm, 7 pm-8:30 pm
Wed: 5 am-9 am, 1pm-6 pm, 7 pm-8:30 pm
Thu: 5 am-8 am, 10 am-5 pm, 7 pm-8:30 pm
Fri: 5 am-8 am, 12 pm-6 pm, 7:00pm-7:30pm
Sat: 7 am-9 am, 12 pm-3:30 pm
Sun: 10 am-11 am, 2 pm-3:30 pm
10 am-5 pm, 7-8:30 pm
Family/Open Swim Hours
Mon: 10 am-11 am, 12 pm-6 pm, 7 pm-8:30 pm
Tue: 10 am-5 pm, 7-8:30 pm
Wed: 1 pm-6 pm , 7 pm-8:30 pm
Thu: 10 am-8:30 pm
Fri: 10 am-11 am, 12 pm-6 pm
Sat: 12 pm - 3:30 pm
Sun: 10 am-11 am, 12 pm - 3:30 pm
8 am-10 am
Aqua Fitness
Mon: 9 am-10 am, 11am-12 pm, 6 pm-7 pm
Tue: 8 am-10 am
Wed: 9 am-1 pm, 6 pm-7 pm
Thu: 8 am-10 am
Fri: 8 am-10 am, 11 am-12 pm, 6 pm-7 pm
Sat: 9 am-10 am
Sun: 11 am-12 pm
5 pm-7 pm
Swim Lessons
Mon: Closed
Tue: 5 pm-7 pm
Wed: Closed
Thu: 5 pm- 7pm
Fri: Closed
Sat: 10 am-12 pm
Sun: 12 pm-2 pm

Health and Fitness Programs

The YMCA is dedicated to helping everyone in our community become their best selves. As part of that mission, we have a strong belief in mindfulness about health and fitness. Members can take advantage of a vast array of health and fitness programs that make us stronger and make our lives more enjoyable.

We offer a wide variety of health and fitness programs. Some are included with your YMCA membership at no additional cost, others may have additional fees. 

  • People with barbells in a YMCA strength group fitness class

    Strength Classes

    Build strength, endurance and flexibility in the YMCA's strength training and conditioning classes. Whatever your fitness level, we have a strength...
  • Women in a YMCA yoga class

    Mind and Body Classes

    Find your center in our mind-body classes. From yoga to barre and Pilates, we offer mind-focusing exercises for people of all fitness comfort levels...
  • Group of people in a YMCA cycling class

    Cardio Classes

    From kickboxing to cycling that feels like you're pumping up a hill, our classes ensure a good sweat while having fun and boosting your energy. Enjoy...
  • People in a YMCA dance class

    Dance Classes

    Whether you're a ballerina in the making or simply enjoy the excitement that comes with learning fun choreography, the YMCA is here for you. We have...
  • Group of people in a YMCA aqua fitness class

    Aqua Fitness

    Get fit in the pool! From higher-intensity aqua fitness classes to more accessible offerings, we strive to meet your goals whatever your fitness level...
  • Group of older adults doing arm exercises at YMCA Louisville Forever Young fitness class

    Forever Young/Active Older Adults

    Our goal is to assist active older adults in staying healthy and active physically, mentally and socially. In addition to exercise programs designed...
  • YMCA Louisville trainer coaching member for fitness assessment

    Smart Start Program

    At the YMCA, we offer you the opportunity to work with a Healthy Living coach to help you meet your goals. Whether you're just getting started or want...
  • YMCA personal trainer working with a member

    Personal Training

    We know that sometimes it can be hard to take the first steps to becoming healthier. That's why we're here for you, every day, to give you extra...
  • LIVESTRONG program participant exercising on weight machine


    LIVE STRONG ® at the YMCA is a free program tailored to meet the specific needs of adult cancer survivors who would like to improve or reclaim their...
  • Instructor and student high-fiving together during a YMCA dance fitness class

    YMCA Weight Loss Program

    The Y's Weight Loss Program strives to help you lose weight in a healthy way. With the help of trained facilitators and a focus on nutrition and...
  • Smiling woman exercising on a spin bike at the YMCA

    Healthy Living Challenges

    We believe healthy living starts with healthy goals. We support members seeking realistic achievements not just in fitness, but also nutrition and...
  • Volleyball bouncing off net

    Chair Volleyball

    Chair volleyball offers friendly competition, while also providing a way to have fun being active!
  • Three older adults waiting their turn to play pickleball at YMCA Louisville


    Join in the fun of the fastest growing sport in America! Pickleball is perfect for all ages and all skill levels. It's a great workout while offering...
  • Adults crafting fall-themed wreaths together

    Adult Art Classes

    Arts are essential to building our imaginations and energizing us to solve any problems in front of us. Our adult art classes provide a chance for...
  • Group of people of all ages playing chess

    Chess Club

    This instructional club teaches the basics of one of the world's oldest games - chess! Participants will learn moves, strategies, and scenarios and...
  • Women of various ages in the gym lifting weights

    Women on Weights

    Women on Weights will teach you how to incorporate free weights into your workouts. This small group class, led by a personal trainer, teaches lifting...

Swimming Programs

Swimming is central to the Y's mission to build up our community and help members stay active. The YMCA teaches people of all ages to swim and enjoy the water because we know that swimming is not just a life-saving skill, but a way to remain active and healthy for a lifetime.

  • YMCA Louisville coach teaching children during swimming lessons

    Swim Lessons

    The YMCA is the nation's favorite swim instructor. We teach people of all ages and from all backgrounds that water can be fun — not feared — if you...
  • YMCA Louisville members splashing in pool

    Swim Testing

    Research shows that 75% of beginner-swimmer drowning injuries happen in the shallow end. Swim testing is a great way to improve children's swim skills...
  • Woman swimming at YMCA Louisville

    100 Mile Swim Club

    Do you like to swim? Do you frequently find yourself swimming laps at the YMCA pool, no matter rain, shine or snow? Are you looking for a new...
  • Lifeguard smiling at YMCA swimming pool

    Lifeguard Training

    Here at the Y, we've been the nation's leader in all things swimming for over 100 years. And because of that, we offer renowned lifeguard training...
  • Child in the pool swimming to an instructor

    Swim Camps

    Develop swimming skills while learning confidence, resilience and teamwork with our seasonal swim camps.
  • Two women in the pool posing for the camera

    Women's Only Swim

    Join us at the Y for our Women's Only Swim events! This private event is just for women and girls and a full female staff will be available to ensure...
  • Girl in pool swimming

    Sensory Friendly Swim

    Sensory Friendly Swim is an open swim time for those with adaptive abilities an their families.

Youth and Teen Programs

The YMCA is dedicated to helping our community's younger members become the best people they can.

  • Kids playing in youth soccer league game

    Youth Soccer

    YMCA youth soccer is designed to introduce players of all skill levels to the world's most popular sport. The goal is to teach skills, encourage...
  • Kids cheering during youth baseball league game

    Youth Baseball and Tee-Ball

    The YMCA's youth baseball and tee-ball leagues introduce the skills of throwing, catching and hitting. Children build their skills and knowledge of...
  • YMCA Louisville youth basketball team being coached

    Youth Basketball

    The YMCA's basketball leagues teach kids the basics of the sport while also helping them make new friends, stay active and learn new skills that will...
  • Kids doing push ups for YMCA Louisville youth fitness program

    Youth Fitness Fundamentals

    The YMCA's Youth Fitness Fundamentals program is designed to support teens in living a healthy, active life. The program introduces concepts focused...
  • Woman leading group of children sitting at table in hand clapping

    Early Childhood Music Therapy

    This unique program will encourage quality learning by stimulating all the senses, offering the joy of play & exploration through music.
  • Kids practicing martial arts outdoors

    Martial Arts

    Here at the YMCA, we believe that martial arts are a great way to build self-confidence, coordination and agility. We offer martial arts classes for...
  • Toddler sitting in chair reading a book

    LENA Say N Play

    This 10-week program is designed to help parents of children ages 2-32 months learn how to engage with their baby or toddler in fun and interactive...
  • Kids participating in an acting class

    Discover Drama Acting Workshops

    These fun, energetic workshops introduce foundational acting techniques as students participate in character and story driven theater exercises.
  • Children shouting in joy at YMCA child development center

    School Break Camps

    Our School-Age Child Care programs offer continuous care during school breaks. Our fall, spring, and winter break camps offer new experiences...
  • YMCA Louisville Southeast branch

    Southeast Family YMCA - Kids' Club

    At the YMCA, we give parents the peace of mind to know that their child is enjoying fun-filled activities in a safe, supervised environment while they...
  • Smiling young boy sitting at table with art supplies and globe

    Parents' Night Out

    Parents’ Night Out is a fantastic evening of fun with friends at the YMCA. Our enthusiastic staff come ready to entertain and engage. Depending on the...
  • Tutor high fiving with young student after completing session

    Y-Smart Tutoring Program

    The Y-Smart Tutoring Program at the Southeast Family YMCA offers tutoring for ages 5-12. The program focuses on basic math, reading, and writing...
  • Teens looking at notebook in YMCA's youth mentoring program

    Leaders Club

    Leaders Club is a year-long leadership-development program for middle and high school teens. This program provides teens with extensive leadership...
  • Young girl sitting at table painting

    Art Classes for Kids

    Arts are essential to building our imaginations and energizing us to solve any problems in front of us. We will be making crafts that can be taken...
  • 2 adults and 2 young kids in a YMCA childcare program

    Early Learning Readiness Program

    Through this caregiver and child class, you will have a safe, fun place to play, explore, and learn through songs, stories, and family activities with...

Community Programs and Events

Our community programs strive to bring members together, because we're all stronger when we're looking out for each other.

  • 2 women and a man running through mud


    The YMCA is here to serve our community. And that means, among other things, having a whole lot of fun! Our events allow parents to leave their...
  • Smiling YMCA volunteer at outdoor volunteer station

    New Member Ambassadors

    The New Member Ambassador volunteer program helps welcome new members and connect them to the mission of the YMCA.
  • YMCA Louisville members clearing brush for local volunteer opportunities

    Volunteer Opportunities

    Help lead the YMCA of Greater Louisville in responding to our neighborhoods' social needs. Our YMCA volunteer opportunities are key to the Y's mission...
  • YMCA CPR certification and first aid course

    CPR and First Aid Training

    At the YMCA, we know that every second counts in an emergency. We offer CPR and First Aid classes to our community so they can make the most of those...
  • YMCA staff pose for a photo together

    ESL Classes

    ESL (English as a Second Language) classes help non-native speakers of all ages and levels to learn both the formal grammar, vocabulary, and...
  • YMCA Louisville members running booth for local volunteer opportunities

    YMCA Togetherhood

    Togetherhood is an opportunity for YMCA members to come together in service to our community. Through a variety of service projects members bring to...